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Check out this crazy accident that happened in a Russian liquor warehouse.

Maybe this guy had a few to drink during his shift.

There is an amazing domino effect of destruction after this guy backs his forklift into the corner support of a huge shelving system. Cases of liquor rain down on the workers.

There were certainly injuries. Clearly these shelves weren’t the highest quality engineering.

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A group of people are riding their scooters

down a busy street when suddenly a woman opens her car door right into traffic and takes out 2

of the scooters.

No sound on this one.

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After st anding on the se

at and driving a bit, this guy tries to Ghost Ride his 4-wheeler going down a country road but ends up going on a run through the field instead.

Un fortunately

for his fans he set the throttle too high to successfully pull off the next dance maneuver he had planned.

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Crazy compilation of the worst motocross crashes ever.

These guys get upside down, inside out and slammed into the ground doing what they love – taming wild horses between their legs on the motocross circuit.

These crashes come from a variety of pro and amateur courses featuring riders of all ages and backgrounds. The one thing they all share in common is a disastrous ending.

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Bryan Jensen shown on Aug 20, 2011 during his last flight in the “Beast”, a modified biplane Jensen frequently piloted at such airshows. Jensen was a legend in the airshow circuit and had many fans.

One such fan was attending the Kansas City Aviation Expo and was recording video of Jensen’s flight when tragedy struck. The plane appears to stall and go into a flat spin at low altitude, leaving the pilot little options.

Emergency crews responded as quickly as possible, although it still took several minutes for firetrucks to arrive and start extinguishing the flames.

If any memorial funds are created I will post a link to them here.

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